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LIF336 Nonlinear oscillations of complex discrete system on rigid rods with mass particles on elastic cantilever
Katica (Stevanovic) Hedrih, Andjelka Hedrih*
CON156 Control of micorgrid synchronization based on feedback control and optimzation techniques
NON154 Control of Bubbling Phenomenon in Bipolar SPWM Inverters
Anderson Fabian Abella, José Daniel Morcillo Bastidas*, Fabiola Angulo — special session No. 5
ASY273 Modelling and analysing of a spring pendulum motion in the presence of energy harvesting devices
Mohamed Abohamer*, Jan Awrejcewicz, Roman Starosta, Tarek Amer, Mohamed Ali Bek
STA193 Free vibrations of two-stage hydraulic cylinder
Franciszek Adamek*, Sebastian Uzny, Łukasz Kutrowski
EXP353 Drive-by-wire of a converted into electric car Syrena 105 enabling Hardware-In-Loop tests of driving
Paweł Adamski*, Paweł Olejnik
VIB52 Elastic bearing effects on the dynamic response of bridges under high-speed moving load
Abderrachid Afras*, El Ghoulbzouri Abdelouafi
NUM68 Non-linear dynamics analysis of elastically supported beam under moving loads
Abderrachid Afras*, El Ghoulbzouri Abdelouafi
NUM81 Continuation analysis of an overhung rotor bouncing cycles with smooth and contact nonlinearities
Mehmet Selim Akay*, Alexander D Shaw, Michael I Friswell
Rustyam Akhmetov*
CON306 On the attitude stabilization of artificial Earth satellite in the natural electromagnetic coordinate system
Alexander Yu. Aleksandrov, Alexey A. Tikhonov* — special session No. 3
CON329 On the triaxial electrodynamic attitude stabilization of a satellite in the orbital frame via control with distributed delay
Alexander Yu. Aleksandrov, Alexey A. Tikhonov* — special session No. 3
NON177 Effects of the resources transfer between communities under a policy of responsibility in the framework of sustainability
Jorge A Amador*, Johan Manuel Redondo, Christian Camilo Erazo, Gerard Olivar — special session No. 5
ENG120 Study on dynamical response of double-row self-aligning ball bearing (SABB) considering different radial internal clearance (RIC)
Bartłomiej Ambrożkiewicz*, Grzegorz Litak, Anthimos Georgiadis, Arkadiusz Syta, Nicolas Meier, Alexander Gassner
ENG224 Simulation of Road Surface Profiles by a Stochastic Parametrical Model
Alfons Ams*
CON203 Damping of vibrations of an elastic beam by means of an active dynamic damper in the presence of disturbances
Igor Ananievski*
NON119 Dynamics of railway wheelsets with a nonsmooth contact force model
Mate Antali*
MAT145 Bifurcations in PieceWise-Smooth Systems Associated to Migration
Josefina Antonijuan, Immaculada Massana, Joana Prat, Gerard Olivar, Enric Trullols* — special session No. 5
EXP332 Evaluation of stress wave propagation in particle-reinforced metal matrix composites
Kemal Arslan*, Recep Gunes
MAT333 Low-velocity impact response of metal-ceramic functionally graded plates: A novel numerical modelling approach
Kemal Arslan*, Recep Gunes
VIB378 Stabilization of Course of Ships and Damping Vibrations Caused by Waves: Nonlinear Differential Equations Model and Optimal Control Theory
Dmytro V Astaykin, Andrii V Bondarenko, Dmytro V Danylenko, Oleg V. Dubrovsky*, Eugeny V. Ternovsky
MAT150 Dynamics analysis of the spatial mechanism with imperfections in the fifth-class kinematic pairs
Krzysztof Augustynek*, Andrzej Urbaś, Vasyl Martsenyuk
EXP117 Gas bubble trajectory in nanofluid
Jakub Augustyniak*, Dariusz Mariusz Perkowski, Izabela Zgłobicka
BIF218 The influence of the inductance on the nonideal vibrations of a pendulum coupled to a DC motor
Rafael Henrique Avanço*, Danilo Antonio Zanella, Raibel de Jesus Arias Cantillo, Américo Cunha Jr., Jose Manoel Balthazar, Angelo Marcelo Tusset — special session No. 2
ENG70 Discussion on the influence of the inductance in the nonlinear dynamics of DC motors in coupled systems
Rafael Henrique Avanço*, Danilo Antonio Zanella, Raibel de Jesus Arias Cantillo, Américo Cunha Jr., Jose Manoel Balthazar, Angelo Marcelo Tusset — special session No. 2
NON138 Codimension-2 bifurcations in a quantum decision making model
Viktor Avrutin, Arianna Dal Forno*, Ugo Merlone — special session No. 5
NON132 Border collision bifurcations of chaotic attractors
Viktor Avrutin*, Anastasiia Panchuk, Iryna Sushko — special session No. 5
BIF170 Real and noice-induced bubbling: geometric approach and problem of initial deviation
Viktor Avrutin, Frank Bastian*, Lasse von Schwerin-Blume, Zhanybai T Zhusubaliyev, Abdelali El Aroudi — special session No. 5
VIB269 Higher order asymptotic homogenization for dynamical problems
Jan Awrejcewicz, Igor Andrianov*, Alexander Diskovsky
ASY352 Vibration of the system with nonlinear springs connected in series
Jan Awrejcewicz, Roman Starosta*, Grażyna Sypniewska-Kamińska
MAT265 Thermal waves in composite membrane with circular inclusions in hexagonal lattice structures
Jan Awrejcewicz, Galina Starushenko, Sergey Kvitka, Igor Andrianov*
EXP17 Application of bulk granules as a damping material for sports boards
ENG43 On the flexoelectric effect on nonlinear vibration of three-layered functionally graded cylindrical microshells
Asghar Faramarzi Babadi*, Yaghoub Tadi Beni, Krzysztof Kamil Żur — special session No. 2
NUM299 A neural network based surrogate model for assessing vibration induced fatigue damage on wind turbine tower
Hao Bai*, Lujie Shi, Changwu Huang, Didier Lemosse
ENG374 Nonlinear dynamics of chaotic optical communication systems: Signal processing and cybersecurity
Elena V. Bakunina, Oleg V. Dykyi, Artem Vitavetsky*
MAT267 The dynamical behavior of a quantum impact oscillator
Soumitro Banerjee*, Arnab Acharya, Pratik Jeware — keynote speech
EXP69 Impact of fiber orientation angle on the phase velocity of the fundamental elastic wave modes in composite plates of angle-ply configuration
Marek Barski*, Adam Stawiarski, Paweł Romanowicz, Marcin Augustyn
CON41 Hybrid vibration absorber for self-induced vibration mitigation
Marcell Ákos Bartos*, Giuseppe Habib
OPT337 Optimization of Sandwich Structures under Blast Loading
Romesh Batra* — keynote speech
STA60 On Fractional Viscosity and Material Instability
Peter Balazs Beda*
STA261 Dynamic Integrity of Hyperelastic Spherical Membranes
Kaio Benedetti*, Frederico Silva, Renata Soares, Paulo Gonçalves — special session No. 4
EXP151 Energy Pulse: competitive and accessible application for monitoring electricity consumption
Alexandru-George Berciu*, Eva Henrietta Dulf, Dacian Jurj, Levente Czumbil, Dan Doru Micu — special session No. 1
CON231 Global sliding mode control for a fully-actuated non-planar hexa-rotor aerial vehicle
Jose Agnelo Bezerra, João Francisco Silva Trentin*, Davi Antônio dos Santos — special session No. 2
LIF349 Interaction of albumin with chondroitin sulphate IV and VI, a molecular docking study
Piotr Bełdowski*, Piotr Weber, Adam Gadomski, Krzysztof Domino, Rohit Prasad
VIB208 Nonlocal Effects on the Dynamics of Carbon Nanotubes
Biswajit Bharat*, K. R. Jayaprakash
NON317 Non-smooth dynamics of a bouncing golf ball
Stanisław Waldemar Biber*, Alan Champneys, Robert Szalai
MAT179 Two-temperature heat transfer in a metal and a longitudinal elastic wave generation
Włodzimierz Bielski, Piotr Kowalczyk, Ryszard Wojnar*
LIF262 The Probability of Infection, through Aerosol Transmission, by the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus
Björn Birnir*
BIF184 Generalized Neimark--Sacker bifurcations
Denis Blackmore*
OPT118 Anti-angiogenic and chemotherapy scheduling optimisation using mathematical modelling
Mariusz Bodzioch*, Urszula Foryś
NUM257 Localization of changes in stiffness in numerical models of beams using additional masses
Artur Borowiec*
EXP277 Measurement of dynamic parameters of composite columns
Artur Borowiec*, Daniel Szynal, Łukasz Szyszka
ENG280 Energy transport in 1-dimensional oscillator arrays with hysteretic damping
Tassos Bountis*, Konstantinos Kaloudis, Joniald Shena, Charalampos Skokos, Christos Spitas
OPT25 Comparison of selected artificial intelligence algorithms to determine the thermal conductivity coefficient of a porous material
Rafał Brociek*, Damian Słota, Agata Wajda
MTR96 Dynamics analysis of hand wheel actuator in steer-by-wire electric system of car
Marek Brykczyński*, Andrzej Harlecki
STA171 On the stability of sampled-data systems with dry friction
Csaba Budai*
CON222 A Novel Toolbox for Automatic Design of Fractional Order PI Controllers based on Automatic System Identification from Step Response Data
Iulia Bunescu, Isabela Birs, Robain De Keyser, Cristina Muresan* — special session No. 1
ENG279 On the dynamics of high-order beams with vibration absorbers
Andrea Burlon*, Giuseppe Failla — special session No. 6
ENG334 Nonstationary stochastic dynamics analysis of structural systems equipped with fractional viscoelastic device
Andrea Burlon*, Mario Di Paola, Vincenzo Sucato — special session No. 6
EXP366 Damage dynamics of engineering systems under varying operational conditions: Numerical analysis and modelling
Vasily V. Buyadzhi*, Anna V. Ignatenko, Yuliya V. Dubrovskaya, Tatyana A. Florko
VIB286 Non-synchronous vibration in a bistable system induced by FSI
Miroslav Byrtus*
ENG213 Structural analyses of compliant tensegrity towers
Valter Böhm, Philipp Schorr*, Jhohan Chavez, Lena Zentner
VIB125 Design of an Optimum Tuned Mass Damper for Cantilever Beam Response Reduction
BIF176 Governing equation construction for critical transitions in Langevin type NeuralSDEs
Scott Alexander Cameron*, Stephen Roberts
CON159 Partial Control and Beyond: Forcing Escapes and Controlling Chaotic Transients with the Safety Function
Rubén Capeáns, Gaspar Alfaro, Miguel AF Sanjuán*
VIB135 Accuracy and Efficiency of Structural Theories for Free Vibration Analyses via Axiomatic/Asymptotic Method and Neural Networks
Erasmo Carrera*, Marco Petrolo — keynote speech
STA62 Stability analysis of mobile crane during load sway induced by wind
Dawid Cekus, Paweł Kwiatoń*
MAT258 Data-driven reduced-order nonlinear models from spectral submanifolds
Mattia Cenedese*, Joar Axås, George Haller — special session No. 4
CON259 Dynamics and control of a two-ship ensemble
Nabil Chalhoub, Valery Pilipchuk, Mohamad Ismail*
EXP295 Vibration analysis of a fully- and partially-filled container – Application to cryogenic tank characterization and dynamic behavior
Jean-Emmanuel Chambe*, Miguel Charlotte, Yves Gourinat
VIB292 Cloaking of Love waves
Zinon Chatzopoulos*, Antonio Palermo, Alessandro Marzani, Sebastian Guenneau — special session No. 6
OPT283 A new type of undimensional optimized model for rod deduced from three dimensional elasticity
Xiaoyi Chen*, Erick Pruchnicki, Hui Hui Dai
OPT7 Brachistochrone problem with state constraints of a certain type
Oleg Yurievich Cherkasov*, Nina Vladimirovna Smirnova*
OPT6 About the attacker-defender-target optimal problem
Oleg Yurievich Cherkasov*, Egor Vladimirovich Malykh, Elina Igorevna Makieva
CON305 Assessing the effect of different configurations of inerter-based devices for structural vibration control
Miriam Chillemi*, Thomas Furtmüller, Christoph Adam, Antonina Pirrotta — special session No. 6
STA57 Numerical modelling of the experimental based high frequency subsonic stall flutter in linear blade cascade
Sony Chindada*, Pavel Snabl, Pavel Procazka, Chandra Shekhar Prasad, Ludek Pesek
OPT28 The reconstruction of the heat transfer coefficient in the fractional Stefan problem
Agata Chmielowska*, Rafał Brociek, Damian Słota
BIF266 On dynamics of Lorenz maps
Łukasz Cholewa, Piotr Oprocha*
MAT263 Quantum spectrum of Isochronous oscillatory motions and the WKB method
Abd Raouf Chouikha*
MAT20 Elliptic operators with infinitely many variables
Giuseppe Da Prato*
ASY139 Algorithm for suboptimal feedback construction based on Pade approximation for nonlinear control problems
Yulia Danik, Mikhail Dmitriev*
ASY304 Performance of a nonlinear energy sink coupled with a nonlinear oscillator for energy harvesting applications
Rahul Das*, Anil Bajaj, Sayan Gupta — special session No. 6
BIF254 Infinite towers in the graph of a dynamical system
Roberto De Leo*, James A. Yorke
CON128 Reference models of the 4WS vehicle lateral dynamics for the synthesis of steering algorithms
Andrzej Debowski, Jakub Faryński*, Dariusz Żardecki
CON287 Tuned Liquid Column Damper Inerter (TLCDI) for vibration control of fixed-base structures
Alberto Di Matteo*, Chiara Masnata, Christoph Adam, Antonina Pirrotta — special session No. 6
STA355 Parametrically excited rotating shafts on gas foil bearings
Emmanouil Dimou*, Athanasios Chasalevris, Fadi Dohnal
MTR29 Study of an electro-hydraulic servo actuator flexibly connected to a boom manipulator mounted on a jaw crusher
Ryszard Dindorf, Piotr Woś*
NUM315 Estimation of orbits after blade loss for a multi-disk rotor
Fadi Dohnal*, Athanasios Chasalevris
VIB175 Analytical and finite element models of nonlinear dynamic behaviour of bi-material beam
Simona Doneva*, Jerzy Warminski, Emil Manoach
CON115 Control algorithm of a vibrating robot with a flywheel and unbalance with limited angular acceleration
Marat Dosaev* — special session No. 3
ENG107 Sliding of tabouret with elastic legs on a rough surface under the action of a small lateral force
Marat Dosaev*, Vitaly Samsonov — special session No. 3
LIF106 An elastic rib modelling
Marat Dosaev, Ivan Alpatov*, Vitaly Samsonov, Vadim Dubrov, Ekaterina Vorobyeva — special session No. 3
OPT74 Laser scanners with rotational polygon mirrors: A multi-parameter optomechanical analysis and optimization
Virgil-Florin Duma*
EXP199 Roughness evaluations for metallic parts using optical coherence tomography (OCT)
Virgil-Florin Duma*, Gheorghe Hutiu, Alexandru-Lucian Dimb, Dorin Demian, Adrian Bradu, Adrian Podoleanu
LIF383 Conditions regulating tumor cell behaviour in biological systems with memory of states
Larysa Dzyubak*, Oleksandr Dzyubak, Jan Awrejcewicz
ENG122 Resonance and cancellation phenomena of simply supported partially clamped beams: application to bridges with ballasted track
NUM358 Seismic response of adjacent steel frames linked by friction dampers
Mehdi Ebadi-Jamkhaneh*, Masoud Ahmadi, Denise-Penelope N. Kontoni*
NUM359 Deficient RC slabs strengthened with combined FRP layer and high-performance fiber-reinforced cementitious composite
Mehdi Ebadi-Jamkhaneh*, Masoud Ahmadi, Denise-Penelope N. Kontoni*
BIF311 Evaluation of the Reinjection Process in Type V Intermittency
Sergio Elaskar, Ezequiel del Rio*, Walkiria Schulz
BIF77 Emergence of the third type of chaos in a system of adaptively coupled Kuramoto oscillators
Anastasiia Emelianova*, Vladimir Nekorkin
VIB226 On the Surface Anti-Plane Waves in Media with Initial Surface Stresses
Victor A. Eremeyev*
BIF288 Zip Bifurcation in PWSC Systems
Carlos M. Escobar Callejas, Gerard Olivar Tost* — special session No. 5
NON250 Piecewise smooth systems with a pseudo-focus: a normal form approach
Marina Esteban*, Emilio Freire, Enrique Ponce, Francisco Torres — special session No. 5
MAT121 On alphabetical shaped soliton for intrinsic fractional coupled nonlinear electrical transmission lattice using sine-cosine method
OPT255 Optimization of the two mass oscillator regarding the accumulation of energy at mechanical resonance
Wieslaw Fiebig, Adam Dmochowski*
MAT26 Normal Form on nonlinear systems and Gröbner based exploitation of resonances
Jean Flosi*, Alireza Ture Savadkoohi, Claude-Henri Lamarque
ASY376 Nonlinear wave propagation in one-dimensional metamaterials via Hamiltonian perturbation scheme
Alessandro Fortunati*, Andrea Bacigalupo, Marco Lepidi, Andrea Arena, Walter Lacarbonara
OPT114 Competition between populations: preventing domination of resistant population using optimal control
Urszula Foryś*, Mariusz Bodzioch
VIB302 The effect of damping on the energy transfer in the spherical pendulum with fractional damping in a pivot point
Jan Freundlich*, Danuta Sado
VIB186 Analytical investigation of a mechanical system containing a spherical pendulum and a fractional damper
Jan Freundlich*, Danuta Sado
Maria Aline GONÇALVES*, JOSÉ M. BALTHAZAR, Elżbieta Jarzębowska, ÂNGELO M. TUSSET, Mauricio RIBEIRO, HILSON H. DAŨM — special session No. 2
BIF2 Global Dynamics of a Polynomial Mechanical System
Valery Gaiko*
STA202 Analysis of the influence of tyre cross-sectional parameters on the stability of a nonlinear bicycle model with elliptic toroidal wheels
Alfonso García-Agúndez Blanco*, Daniel García-Vallejo, Emilio Freire
VIB348 Vibration mitigation in offshore wind turbines by tuned mass absorbers
Mina Ghassempour, Giuseppe Failla, Gioacchino Alotta*, Valentina Laface, Carlo Ruzzo, Felice Arena — special session No. 6
OPT12 A unified Bayesian formulation for the identification of force sources
Julian Ghibaudo*, Mathieu Aucejo
CON105 Modeling and simulation of the automated lane change process, taking into account freeplay and friction in the vehicle steering system
Mirosław Gidlewski, Leszek Jemioł, Dariusz Żardecki*
CON98 Model based investigations of an integrated control system for automatic lane change in critical conditions
Mirosław Gidlewski, Leszek Jemioł, Dariusz Żardecki*
EXP338 Determination of physical quantities describing the movement of objects involved in a frontal-side collision of vehicles
Mirosław Gidlewski, Tomasz Pusty*, Leszek Jemioł, Hanna Kochanek
EXP309 The course of the process of a motor car frontal impact against various places of the second vehicle's body side and its results
Mirosław Gidlewski, Leon Prochowski, Leszek Jemioł, Mateusz Ziubiński*
STA92 Lyapunov Functions by interpolating numerical quadratures: Proof of Convergence
Peter Giesl, Sigurdur Hafstein*
BIF363 Nonlinear dynamics of relativistic backward-wave tube: Chaos, bifurcations and strange attractors
Alexander V. Glushkov*, Andrey V. Tsudik, Oleg V. Dubrovsky, Oleksii L. Mykhailov
CON368 Optimal control of resonance radiation processes in laser isotopes separation systems and devices
Alexander V. Glushkov, Valentin Ternovsky*, Oleksii L. Mykhailov, Andrey V. Tsudik
OPT373 Numerical analysis, processing and prediction of a populations dynamics of atomic systems in a laser pulse field: Quantum dynamics and Bi-stability effects
Alexander V. Glushkov, Evgeniya K. Plisetskaya*, Eugeny V. Ternovsky, Artem V. Vitavetsky
NUM375 Advanced computational modelling complex dynamical systems: The Earth angular momentum balance nonstationary model
Alexander V. Glushkov, Olga Y. Khetselius, Valery F. Mansarliysky, Artem Vitavetsky*
STA372 Nonlinear dynamics of atomic systems in a free state and in an external electromagnetic field: Chaos and attractors
Alexander V. Glushkov, Anna A. Kuznetsova, Evgeniya Plisetskaya*, Oleksii L. Mykhailov, Eugeny V. Ternovsky
LIF362 Chaos in environmental radioactivity dynamics of some geosystems: Analyses of the Radon time series
Alexander Glushkov*, Olga Y. Khetselius, Sergiy M. Stepanenko, Andrey A. Svinarenko, Anna V. Ignatenko
MAT301 Implementation of state observer-based conditioned reverse path method to the identification of a nonlinear system
Umaaran Gogilan*, Tamara Nestorović, Atta Oveisi
CON160 Predictive control of semi-active fluid-based dampers under impact excitation
Cezary Graczykowski*, Rami Faraj
CON166 Predicting and controlling tipping points in networked systems
Celso Grebogi*
LIF23 Design and simulation of a lower limb exoskeleton with linear electric actuators
Dariusz Grzelczyk, Olga Jarzyna*, Jan Awrejcewicz
CON379 Proposal of a control hardware architecture for implementation of fractional-order controllers
Juan J. Gude*, Pablo García Bringas — special session No. 1
STA44 Influence of a cracked rod in the dynamic of a planar slider-crank mechanism
Tomé Guenka, Marcela Machado*
BIF102 An improved q-deformed Logistic map and its implications
Divya Gupta*, V.V.M.S. Chandramouli — special session No. 2
BIF101 The existence of absolutely continuous invariant measures for q-deformed unimodal maps
Divya Gupta*, V.V.M.S. Chandramouli — special session No. 2
STA90 Active MEMS amplifier for improved signal-to-noise ratios
Stefanie Gutschmidt*, Seigan Hayashi, Nicholas Lam, Claudia Lenk — special session No. 2
MAT356 The response of nonlinear dynamic systems via Wavelet-Galerkin method in the time-frequency domain
Xiaojing HAN*, Emmanuel Pagnacco
NUM246 A novel iterative procedure for robustness assessment
Giuseppe Habib* — special session No. 4
ENG100 Continuous dynamical systems as pseudo random number generator
Avadis Hacınlıyan, Engin Kandıran*
VIB290 Combined Internal Resonances of Slacked Micromachined Resonators
Amal Z. Hajjaj*, Feras Alfosail, Stephanos Theodossiades
MAT76 Nonlinear vibration of a functionally graded beam on Winkler-Pasternak foundation under a moving force
Nicolae Herisanu*, Vasile Marinca
MAT73 Dynamic response of clamped-clamped Bernoulli-Euler beam on nonlinear viscoelastic foundation under a concentrated moving load
Nicolae Herisanu*, Vasile Marinca
NUM140 Simulation of non-linear coupled dynamic systems of first and second order applying a semi-analytic method
Helmut J. Holl*
STA47 On the stability of a slip-controlled two-axle vehicle with multiple time-delays
Ádám Horváth*, Péter Béda
EXP236 Impact point localization with the use of wavelet transform
Václav Houdek*, Zdeněk Kubín, Luboš Smolík
OPT300 Optimization of wind turbine tower using adaptive algorithm configuration
Changwu Huang, Hao Bai*, Lujie Shi, Younes Aoues
EXP80 Study on the property of microcellular injection molded HDPE/wheat straw composites
shyh-shin Hwang* — special session No. 3
STA369 Nonlinear dynamics of molecular systems in an external electromagnetic field: Classical and quantum treatment of chaos and strange attractors
Anna V. Ignatenko, Valentin Ternovsky*, Andrey A. Svinarenko, Yuliya V. Dubrovskaya
ASY343 Synchronization of oscillations of weakly coupled elastic elements of a differential resonant MEMS-accelerometer in the mode of a two-circuit self-oscillator
Vasilisa Igumnova*, Alexey Lukin, Ivan Popov, Lev Shtukin
CON335 Energy recovery hybrid system with the flywheel
Jacek JACKIEWICZ* — special session No. 2
VIB289 Improving the noise insulation performance of vibro-acoustic metamaterial panels through multi-resonant design
Stefan Janssen, Lucas Van Belle*, Noé Geraldo Rocha de Melo Filho, Claus Claeys, Wim Desmet, Elke Deckers — special session No. 6
CON141 Motion tracking of a rigid-flexible link manipulator in a controller failure condition
Elżbieta Jarzębowska*, Krzysztof Augustynek, Andrzej Urbaś — special session No. 2
EXP168 Modelling of motion and experimental studies of a four-wheeled mobile robot considering slip occurrence
Anna Jaskot*, Bogdan Posiadała
NON130 Hidden dynamics of maps (and when “period 2 implies chaos”)
Mike Jeffrey*, Viktor Avrutin — special session No. 5
VIB147 Nonlinear Dynamics and Control of Moving Slender Continua Subject to Periodic Excitations
Stefan Kaczmarczyk* — special session No. 2
CON345 Locally resonant metamaterials utilizing Dynamic Directional amplification
Moris Kalderon*, Marina Kalogerakou, Andreas Paradeisiotis, Ioannis Antoniadis — special session No. 6
MTR229 Using the Experiment-Aided Virtual Prototyping technique to predict the best clamping stiffness during milling of large-size details
Krzysztof J. Kaliński, Natalia Stawicka-Morawska*, Marek A. Galewski, Michał R. Mazur
VIB53 Fuzzy Logic Model to Determine Minimum Seismic Separation Gap
Elif Cagda Kandemir*
MAT382 Controllable Optical Rogue Waves by Modulated 
Coherent-Incoherent Nonlinearities in Inhomogeneous Fiber
Sakkaravarthi Karuppaiya*, Kanna Thambidurai
ENG78 Nonlinear Dynamics of a 2DOF Magneto-Mechanical Harvester
Krzysztof Kecik*, Andrzej Mitura
ENG63 Modelling of an Electromechanical Coupling in Magnetic Levitation Energy Harvester
Krzysztof Kecik*, Andrzej Mitura
VIB322 Application of the lumped-parameter method for modelling nonlinear vibrations of drill strings with complicating factors
Lelya Khajiyeva, Askar Kudaibergenov, Yuliya Sabirova*
VIB196 The effect of initial stress on nonlinear lateral vibrations of rotating rods
Lelya Khajiyeva, Askar Kudaibergenov, Askat Kudaibergenov, Aliya Umbetkulova*
NUM365 Study of nonlinear dynamics of complex chaotic systems: Combined chaos-geometric and neural networks algorithms
Olga Y. Khetselius*, Oleg V. Dubrovsky, Inga N. Serga, Rostislav E. Serga
MAT364 Advanced complex plane field and differential equations approach to nonlinear dynamics of the industrial city's chaotic atmospheric ventilation
Olga Y. Khetselius*, Alexander V. Glushkov, Sergiy M. Stepanenko, Andrey A. Svinarenko, Vasily V. Buyadzhi
MAT163 Dynamics of the Chaplygin sphere on a moving plane
Alexander Kilin, Elena Pivovarova*
CON318 Quasiperiodic energy harvesting in a delayed and excited Rayleigh-Duffing harvester device near secondary resonances
Ilham Kirrou*, Amine Bichri, Mohamed Belhaq
MAT371 Nonlinear chaotic dynamics of laser diodes with an additional optical injection: Dynamical and topological invariants
Sergey V. Kiryanov, Eugeny Ternovsky*, Dmitry A. Novak, Igor I. Bilan
LIF230 Nonlinear Dynamics, Stability and Control Strategies: Mathematical Modeling on the Big Data Analyses of Covid-19 in Poland
Natalya Kizilova*
OPT87 Optimisation potentials of laminated composites using semi-analytical vibro-acoustic models
Matthias Klaerner*, Lothar Kroll, Steffen Marburg
ASY22 Wind powered plantigrade machine moving against a flow
Liubov Klimina*, Mikhail Garbuz*, Vitaly Samsonov — special session No. 3
MTR35 Underwater capsubot controlled by motion of a single internal flywheel
Liubov Klimina*, Sergey Golovanov, Marat Dosaev, Yury Selyutskiy — special session No. 3
ENG271 Transversal-transversal internal resonances in planar Timoshenko beams with an elastic support
Lukasz Kloda*, Stefano Lenci, Jerzy Warminski, Zofia Szmit
MAT380 Pullback and forward dynamics of nonautonomous integrodifference equations: Basic constructions
Peter E. Kloeden, Christian Pötzsche, Pham Minh Huy Huynh*
ASY228 Dynamics of a low-inertia ball located between two rotating planes with viscous friction
Alexander Koshelev*, Eugene Kugushev, Tatiana Shahova — special session No. 3
CON85 Development and research of a new type of vibration reduction system for wheel bucket loaders
Andrzej Kosiara, Aleksander Skurjat*
ENG174 Two-temperature heat transfer in a metal and a longitudinal elastic wave generation
Piotr Kowalczyk, Ryszard Wojnar*
STA284 Enhancing vibration mitigation in a jeffcott rotor with active magnet bearings through parameteric excitation
Zacharias Kraus*, Artem Karev, Peter Hagedorn, Fadi Dohnal
Juraj Králik*
BIF198 Parametric vibrations of a system of oscillators connected with periodically variable stiffness
Grzegorz Kudra, Krzysztof Witkowski, Soumyajit Seth*, Krystian Polczyński, Jan Awrejcewicz
ASY223 Periodic motions in systems with viscous friction
Eugene Kugushev, Margarita Selezneva*, Tatiana Shahova — special session No. 3
CON59 Nonlinear vibrations of a sandwich piezo-beam system under piezoelectric actuation
Krzysztof Piotr Kuliński*, Jacek Przybylski
NON134 Nonlinear dynamics of dry friction oscillator subjected to combined harmonic and random excitation
Pankaj Kumar*, S. Narayanan
OPT155 Validation of numerical models describing the stress-strain characteristics in the strength tests of composite materials on a metal matrix using the elasto-optic method
Adam Kurzawa, Dariusz Pyka, Mirosław Bocian, Ludomir Jankowski, Marcin Bajkowski, Krzysztof Jamroziak*
CON191 Guidance and control system design for a free-flying space manipulator based on a dynamically equivalent manipulator
Marcin Kłak*, Elżbieta Jarzębowska — special session No. 2
ENG361 Determination of the loading of an open car with filler in the center sill
ALYONA LOVSKA*, OLEKSIJ FOMIN, Grzegorz Marek Szymański, Dmytro Skurikhin
BIF104 Multistability in remote synchronization detected via symbolic dynamics
Juliana Lacerda, Elbert Macau*, Celso Freitas
CON61 Reference model trajectory tracking in continuous-time sliding mode control
Paweł Latosiński*, Andrzej Bartoszewicz
ENG129 Resonance regimes in the non-ideal system having the pendulum as absorber
Yana O. Lebedenko, Yuri V. Mikhlin* — special session No. 2
MAT167 Waves in a beam resting on a bilinear Winkler foundation
Stefano Lenci* — special session No. 2
MAT209 Sensitivity analysis of granular dynamics by the use of unique DEM
Jacek Leszczyński*
MAT252 Global Analysis for Nonlinear Dynamical System Based on Parallel Subdomain Synthesis Method
Zigang Li*, Jun Jiang, Ling Hong, Jiaqi Kang* — special session No. 4
NON242 Analysis of the dynamics of an electromechanical system subjected to two orthogonal and interdependent dry-friction forces
Roberta Lima*, Rubens Sampaio
OPT42 Optimized spacing design for paired counter-rotating Savonius rotors
Ching-Huei Lin*, Jen-Hung Lo, Marat Dosaev, Yury Selyutskiy — special session No. 3
VIB278 Forced vibrations in a dynamic system equipped with a mechanism which trans-pass through its singular position
Krzysztof Lipinski*
MAT253 Maximal attractor range of multiscroll chaotic attractors: classification of symmetries in hidden bifurcation routes
René Lozi*, Tidjani Menacer, Guanrong Chen, Faiza Zaamoune
VIB341 Nonlinear Interaction between Longitudinal and Transverse Vibrations of a Microbeam under Periodic Opto-Thermal Excitation
Aleksei Vyacheslavovich Lukin*, Ivan Alekseevich Popov, Dmitry Anatolievich Indeitsev
EXP339 Analysis of dynamic characteristics of vehicle steerability in the context of its diagnostics and evaluation of dynamic properties
Witold Luty, Tomasz Pusty*
BIF195 The dynamics of two coupled oscillators with the same damping term
Jamal Odysseas Maaita*, Dimitris Prousalis, Christos Volos, Efthymia Meletlidou
EXP219 A new index for topological vulnerability in power transmission networks
Elbert Macau*, Jussara Dias
VIB95 Spectral analysis of chimney vibrations
Marcela Machado*, Maciej Dutkiewicz
VIB48 Broadband vibration of a beam under tensile load
Marcela Machado*, Maciej Dutkiewicz
BIF82 Dynamical chaos in Hamiltonian systems with three degrees of freedom
Nikolai Magnitskii*
NON307 A vibro-impact oscillator based energy harvester
Shubhanshu Maheshwari, Aravindan Muralidharan, Shaikh Faruque Ali, Grzegorz Litak*
CON244 Analysis of non-slipping conditions for Omni wheels based on inves-tigations of the dynamics of a highly maneuverable mobile robot
Ivan Mamaev*, Yury Karavaev, Vyacheslav Shestakov
VIB320 Vibration isolation in metamaterial structures embedded with neoprene resonators
Harshan Jayakumar Manjusha*, Premchand VP VP, Remil George Thomas Thomas
VIB321 Analysing Vibration attenuation characteristics of Al 6061 metamaterial structures
Harshan Jayakumar Manjusha*, Premchand VP VP, Remil George Thomas Thomas
MTR221 Numerical and experimental characterization of the temperature profile in a gas foil bearing
Adam Martowicz*, Paweł Zdziebko, Jakub Roemer, Grzegorz Żywica, Paweł Bagiński
BIF75 On Qualitative Analysis of the Model of Two-Chain Manipulator: Stability, Bifurcation and Transition to Chaos
Vasyl Martsenyuk*, Krzysztof Augustynek, Andrzej Urbaś
BIF367 Nonlinear dynamics of semiconductor lasers and optical resonator systems: Chaos, bifurcations and attractors
Alexander A. Mashkantsev, Sergey V. Kiryanov, Alexander V. Glushkov, Andrey A. Svinarenko, Vasily Buyadzhi*
MAT200 Geometrically nonlinear vibrations of double-layered nanoplates
Olga Mazur*, Jan Awrejcewicz
CON164 Comparisons and Experimental Validation of Several Autotuning Methods for Fractional Order Controllers
Marcian Mihai*, Isabela Birs, Cristina Muresan, Eva Dulf, Robin De Keyser — special session No. 1
ASY131 Nonlinear normal modes and localization of vibrations in the pendulum system under magnetic excitation
Yuri V. Mikhlin*, Yuliia E. Surganova
EXP180 Determination of dynamic parameters of parts of a tram wheel in a numerical and experimental modal analysis
Julia Milewicz*, Tomasz Nowakowski, Grzegorz Marek Szymański
OPT281 Optimisation and state identification of composite shell using Deep Neural Networks
Bartosz Miller*, Leonard Ziemiański
MAT294 New Non-Stationary Solutions of the Restricted Three-Body Problem
Mukhtar Minglibayev, Torebek Zhumabek, Alexander Prokopenya*
CON215 The modelling of autonomous control with hazard of measurement noise and errors
Marcin Mirosław, Jakub Deda, Tomasz Mirosław*
CON214 The modelling of breaking control of electric vehicle
Marcin Mirosław*, Jakub Deda, Tomasz Mirosław
MAT86 Scaling features of cosmic rays, solar, heliospheric and geomagnetic data
Renata Modzelewska*, Agata Krasińska, Anna Wawrzaszek, Agnieszka Gil
VIB8 Dynamic responses of vertical transportation systems in tall buildings under seismic excitations
Seyed Mohammad Mojtabaei*, Stefan Kaczmarczyk — special session No. 2
EXP360 The application of time-frequency methods of acoustic signal processing in the diagnostics of tram drive components
Daniel Mokrzan*, Tomasz Nowakowski, Grzegorz Marek Szymański
STA238 A computational study of vibration attenuation of the rotor system with magnetorheological squeeze film dampers
Michal Molčan*, Petr Ferfecki, Jaroslav Zapoměl
BIF251 Non-smooth dynamics in ramp-controlled and sine-controlled Buck converters
José Daniel Morcillo Bastidas*, Juan Guillermo Muñoz Cataño, Gerard Olivar Tost — special session No. 5
ASY346 Nonlinear dynamics of electrostatic comb-drive with variable gap
Nadezhda Mozhgova*, Alexey Lukin, Ivan Popov
LIF188 Design of auxetic damper for lower limb prosthesis
Agata Mrozek*, Tomasz Stręk
STA350 Effect of gear mesh stiffness and lubricant nonlinearities on the dynamic response of gear transmission systems
Hamza Mughal*, Nader Dolatabadi, Ramin Rahmani
STA197 Discovery and Online Interactive Representation of the Dimensionless Parameter-Space of the Spring-Loaded Inverted Pendulum Model of Legged Locomotion Using Surface Interpolation
Ábel Mihály Nagy*, Dóra Patkó, Ambrus Zelei — special session No. 4
MAT152 On minimax parameter estimation of nonlinear dynamic Brown's model for enzyme-substrate interaction with distributed delay
Oleksandr Nakonechnyi, Vasyl Martsenyuk*, Aleksandra Kłos-Witkowska, Iuliia Shevchuk
BIF65 On the dynamics of a 2-DOF nonlinear vibratory system with bistable characteristic and circulatory forces
Minh-Tuan Nguyen-Thai*, Paul Wulff, Nils Gräbner, Utz von Wagner
STA181 Dynamics of impulse systems with friction
Irina Nikiforova*, Vladimir Metrikin, Leonid Igumnov
EXP55 Simple suppression method of Impact oscillations between a pantograph and an overhead rigid conductor line
Naoto Nishiyama*, Kiyotaka Yamashita
ENG245 Application of the discrete element method to ductile materials subjected to dynamic loads
Przemysław Nosal*, Artur Ganczarski
MAT357 Fractal techniques associated with steganography
Nikolaos Ntaoulas*, Vasileios Drakopoulos
CON239 Design Approach for Isolated Buildings in Adequacy with Algerian Regulations and Their Comparison with Several International Codes
MTR97 Accuracy improvement of 3D position estimation of mobile robots based on IMU measurements and NNs
Akos Odry*, Istvan Kecskes*, Peter Odry
BIF109 Research of the dynamics of a physical pendulum forced with an electromagnetic field
Ewelina Ogińska*, Dariusz Grzelczyk, Jan Awrejcewicz
VIB1 Influence of a relatively high frequency structure vibrations on the dynamics of real stick-slip motion
Paweł Olejnik*, Adrian Górniak vel Górski, Maciej Cebulak, Jan Awrejcewicz
BIF51 Some Remarks On Experimental Analysis Of A Non-Ideal Conveyor Belt
Leandro Rodrigo Oliveira*, José Manoel Balthazar, Airton Nabarrete, Átila Madureira Bueno, Angelo Marcelo Tusset, Eduardo Abuhamad Petrocino — special session No. 2
MAT212 An insight into amplitude-depended modulation transfer due to nonlinear shear wave interaction with contact interfaces
Mariusz Osika*, Rafał Radecki, Aleksandra Ziaja-Sujdak, Wiesław Jerzy Staszewski
EXP275 Experimental Prototype of a KDamper Vibration Absorber for Small Vertical Loads Utilizing Compliant Joints
Andreas Paradeisiotis*, Konstantinos Tsioumanis, Ioannis Antoniadis — special session No. 6
CON49 Neural network modelling for steering control of an automated logistic train
Wojciech Paszkowiak*, Marcin Pelic, Tomasz Bartkowiak
ASY247 Nonlinear Oscillations of an Elastica Between Cylindrical Boundaries
Diptangshu Paul*, Jayaprakash K. R
CON330 Analysis of practical application aspects for an active control strategy to Civil Engineering structures
Fideliu Paulet-Crainiceanu*, Vitalie Florea, Septimiu George Luca, Cristian Pastia, Octavian Victor Rosca
LIF384 Nonlinear Dynamic Model of the Oculo-Motor System Human based on the Volterra Series
Vitaliy Pavlenko, Tetyana Shamanina, Vladyslav Chori*
BIF205 Complex Dynamics of Thin Shallow Spherical Caps
Francesco Pellicano*, Giovanni Iarriccio, Antonio Zippo
CON351 Energy flow control in a system of coupled pendulums using magnetic field
Valery N. Pilipchuk, Krystian Polczyński, Maksymilian Bednarek*, Jan Awrejcewicz
EXP206 Nonlinear system identification of an experimental drill-string setup
Ingrid Pires*, Helon Ayala, Hans Weber — special session No. 2
LIF327 Anti-Vibration knob for the Motorcycle, Customizable on the Basis of the Driver's Ergonomics
Antonina Pirrotta*, Andrea Evola, Alberto Di Matteo, Antonio Galvano, Antonio Russo — special session No. 6
VIB232 Measurements and sound synthesis of a guitar string re-excitation
Marek Janusz Pluta*, Daniel Tokarczyk
ENG111 Magnetic oscillator under excitation with controlled initial phase
Krystian Polczyński*, Maksymilian Bednarek*, Jan Awrejcewicz
EXP268 Compressive impact of SiC foam
Eligiusz Postek*, Tomasz Sadowski*
ASY192 Rayleigh-type waves in nonlocal elasticity
Danila Prikazchikov, Julius Kaplunov, Ludmila Prikazchikova*
CON136 Can the prognosis of the results of the crash be the basis to steering the autonomic vehicle with the trailer in the critical situation?
Leon Prochowski, Patryk Szwajkowski*, Mateusz Ziubiński
LIF137 Impact energy versus the hazards for the occupants during a front-to-side vehicles' collision
Leon Prochowski, Mateusz Ziubiński*, Krzysztof Dziewiecki, Patryk Szwajkowski
STA18 On Stability of Periodic Motion of the Swinging Atwood Machine
Alexander Prokopenya*
VIB116 Control of deformation and transversal vibrations of a clamped beam by two discretely attached monolithic piezoelectric rods
Jacek Przybylski*
VIB293 A 3D multiple scattering formulation to model elastic waves interacting with surface resonators
Xingbo Pu*, Antonio Palermo, Alessandro Marzani — special session No. 6
VIB165 Dynamics of energy harvesting mechanical system in the vicinity of 1:1 resonance
Volodymyr Puzyrov*, Jan Awrejcewicz, Nataliya Losyeva
STA162 Estimation the domain of attraction for a system of two coupled oscillators with weak damping
Volodymyr Puzyrov*, Jan Awrejcewicz, Nataliya Losyeva, Nina Savchenko, Oksana Nikolaieva
MAT211 Numerical and theoretical investigations of modulation transfer due to nonlinear shear wave interaction at frictional interfaces
Rafal Radecki*, Aleksandra Ziaja-Sujdak, Mariusz Osika, Wieslaw Jerzy Staszewski
CON216 Usage of the nonlinear method to control model of a half car suspension with a damper containing MR fluid
Stanisław Radkowski, Maciej Słomczyński* — special session No. 3
LIF189 Predicting future from COVID-19 time series data using polynomial extrapolation
Ajay Mandyam Rangarajan*, Jeyashree Krishnan, Andreas Schuppert
MAT123 The effect of a shaker on the resonance frequencies of a circular plate
Wojciech Rdzanek*
BIF148 On Non-Linear Dynamics Behaviour of a Fixed Offshore Platform for Energy Harvesting
Mauricio Aparecido Ribeiro, Angelo Marcelo Tusset, Wagner Barth Lenz, Jose Manoel Balthazar*, Grzegorz Litak — special session No. 2
BIF46 On non-ideal and fractional dynamics of a magneto piezo elastic oscillator with Bouc-Wen damping to harvesting energy
Mauricio Aparecido . Ribeiro, Angelo Marcelo Tusset, Wagner B. Lenz, Jose Manoel Balthazar*, Gregorz Litak — special session No. 2
CON331 Super-twisting sliding mode control for a formation of fully-actuated multirotor aerial vehicles
Jorge Antonio Ricardo Jr*, Davi Antonio Santos — special session No. 2
LIF276 Influence of periodic nutrient advection on a simple ecosystem
Pascal Riviere, Xavier Carton*, Anna Jaillet
MTR260 Construction and 3D model of stand for investigating a non-ideal forcing in a nonlinear chain dynamics of self-excited oscillators with friction
Patryk Rogala*, Paweł Olejnik, Jan Awrejcewicz
NUM241 A multi-agent computer program for automatic investigation the behaviour of a nonlinear dynamic system in real-time
Constantin Ruchkin*, Alexander Ruchkin
BIF227 Method of adaptive bacterial foraging optimization for detection and locating periodic and multi-periodic orbits
Alexander Ruchkin*, Constantin Ruchkin
VIB58 Relaxation Effect in Implanted Human Middle Ear
Rafal Rusinek, Robert Zabłotni*
VIB285 A dynamic-stiffness framework for locally resonant structures
Andrea Francesco Russillo*, Giuseppe Failla — special session No. 6
BIF91 Internal resonance induced in the impacting dynamics in a MEMS device
Laura Ruzziconi*, Nizar Jaber, Lakshmoji Kosuru, Mohammed Bellaredj, Mohammad Younis
MAT235 Optimal strategies for water management and self-restoration of the ecosystems: nonlinear dynamics, stability and controllability
Natalya Rychak, Natalya Kizilova*
ENG217 Investigation of the dynamics of the fractional Duffing system using the differential transform method
Andrzej Rysak*, Martyna Sedlmayr
OPT187 Parameter identification for a two-axis gimbal system and its kinematic calibration
Łukasz Rówienicz*, Paweł Malczyk
ASY182 Application of multiple scales method to the problem of plane pendulum motion with extended damping model
Robert Salamon*, Grażyna Sypniewska-Kamińska, Henryk Kamiński
CON158 Fractional Order Controllers for Twin Rotor Aerodynamical System
Magdalena Sangeorzan, Eva Henrietta Dulf* — special session No. 1
EXP310 Low frequency tyre noise mitigation in a vehicle using metal 3D printed resonant metamaterials
Luca Sangiuliano*, Björn Reff, Jacopo Palandri, Friedrich Wolf-Monheim, Bert Pluymers, Elke Deckers, Wim Desmet, Claus Claeys — special session No. 6
MAT110 Taking into account uncertainties in non-linear dynamical systems with nonlinear energy sinks (NES)
Patricia Santana Reyes*, Emmanuel Pagnacco, Rubens Sampaio
OPT298 Interval frequency response of uncertain locally resonant structures
Roberta Santoro, Matteo Mazzeo*, Giuseppe Failla — special session No. 6
VIB36 Vibration characterization of a tubular chemical reactor
Juliana Santos, Marcela Machado*, Leila Khalij, Lamiae Vernieres-Hassimi
VIB264 Determination of peak efficiency of galloping energy harvesters with various stiffness characteristics
Filip Sarbinowski*, Roman Starosta
CON313 Inerter-based dampers for vibration control of floating offshore wind turbines
Saptarshi Sarkar, Breiffni Fitzgerald* — special session No. 6
CON210 Dynamic modeling of a rolling tensegrity structure with spatially curved members
Philipp Schorr*, Markus Ebnet, Klaus Zimmermann, Valter Böhm
LIF220 Heart rate effects on intracranial aneurysm hemodynamic
Djalal Sekhane*
STA32 Dynamics of a 2 DoF galloping-based wind power harvester
Yury Selyutskiy* — special session No. 3
STA161 Dynamics of a multiple-link aerodynamic pendulum
Yury Selyutskiy*, Andrei Holub, Ching Huei Lin
ENG153 A method to improve the accuracy of bridge cranes overload protection using the signal graph
Volodymyr Semenyuk, Valeriy Lingur, Vasyl Martsenyuk*, Nadiia Kazakova, Nataliia Punchenko, Paweł Fałat, Kornel Warwas
MTR108 Bionic hand control using EMG signals
Jędrzej Sencerek*, Bartłomiej Zagrodny
NUM169 Numerical Investigation of Dynamic Contact Problems using Finite Element Method
Dániel Serfőző*, Balázs Pere
BIF256 Global Dynamics of Thermomechanically Coupled Plates
Valeria Settimi*, Giuseppe Rega — special session No. 4
LIF124 Power bounded and uniformly mean ergodic composition operators on large class of Fock spaces
Werkaferahu Seyoum*, Tesfa Mengesite, José Bonet
ENG93 Shock Torsion Wave in an Elastic Rod with Decreasing Function of Viscoplastic External Friction
Ivan Shatskyi*, Vasyl Perepichka — special session No. 3
ENG94 Transversal Straining of Pressurized Pipeline Caused by Vibration of Damaged Foundation
Ivan Shatskyi*, Mykola Makoviichuk, Maksym Vaskovskyi — special session No. 3
EXP296 Uncertainty evaluation by the bootstrap for the staircase fatigue limit test data
Lujie Shi*, Hao Bai, Leila Khalij
NUM303 Effect of porosity on free vibration of FG shallow shells with complex planform
Tetyana Shmatko*
NUM146 Dynamic analysis of functionally graded sandwich shells resting on elastic foundations
Tetyana Shmatko*, Lidiya Kurpa, Jan Awrejcewicz
NUM3 Nonlocal damping model in finite element structural vibration analysis
Vladimir Sidorov, Elena Badina*
CON233 Global sliding mode control design for a 3D pendulum
João Francisco Silva Trentin*, Davi Antônio dos Santos — special session No. 2
BIF34 Nonlinear dynamics of forced oscillator subjected to a magnetic interac-tion
Sergii Skurativskyi, Grzegorz Kudra*, Krzysztof Witkowski, Grzegorz Wasilewski, Jan Awrejcewicz
CON84 Individual wheel braking as a method for increasing velocity of articulated vehicles
Aleksander Skurjat*, Andrzej Kosiara
OPT30 Brachistochrone Problem with Variable Mass
Nina Smirnova, Egor Malykh, Oleg Cherkasov* — special session No. 3
OPT31 Zermelo Navigation Problem with State Constraints
Nina Smirnova*, Egor Malykh, Oleg Cherkasov — special session No. 3
NUM234 Evaluation of forces in dynamically loaded journal bearings using feedforward neural networks
Luboš Smolík*, Jan Rendl, Radek Bulín
STA72 Time-variable normal contact force influence on dry-friction damping of self-excited vibration of bladed turbine wheel
Pavel Snabl*, Ludek Pesek, Chandra Prasad
CON13 Vibrations of an active rocker – bogie suspension under motion in rough terrain
Krzysztof Sokół, Maciej Pierzgalski*
CON325 Viscoelastic material models based active vibration controllers: an energy approach
Tukesh Soni*, Jayanta Kumar Dutt
BIF172 Bifurcation analysis of nonlinear piezoelectric vibration energy harvester
Petr Sosna*, Zdenek Hadas
CON14 Chaotic motions and fractal basin boundaries of attractors in state feedback control of PMSM
Wahid Souhail*, Hedi Khammari*, Mohamed Faouzi Mimouni* — special session No. 4
EXP67 On the effectiveness of infrared thermography in the detection of the fatigue damage initiation in a composite plate with a hole
Adam Stawiarski, Małgorzata Chwał, Marek Barski*, Paweł Romanowicz
BIF79 Increase in current stress of the boost converter due to border collision bifurcation
Zeljko Stojanovic*, Denis Pelin
ASY249 Identification of the model parameters based on the ambiguous branches of resonance response curves
Grażyna Sypniewska-Kamińska*, Jan Awrejcewicz
MAT27 Sound radiation by a circular plate located on a wall of rectangular semi-infinite waveguide
Krzysztof Szemela*, Wojciech Rdzanek, Jerzy Wiciak, Roman Trojanowski
MAT112 Study of the stochastic response of an offshore pile to a combined Morison force induced by current and turbulence
Oscar Sánchez Jiménez*, Emmanuel Pagnacco*, Eduardo Souza de Cursi*, Rubens Sampaio*
BIF183 Chaos in Thirring model
VIB207 Piecewise Linear Dynamics of a Cracked Beam with Hysteretic Damping
Vaibhav Tandel*, Jayaprakash K. R
VIB370 A Nonlinear interaction dynamics of system of the coupled autogenerators: Numerical analysis of time series, chaos and bifurcations
Eugeny Ternovsky*, Alexander A. Mashkantsev, Andrey A. Svinarenko, Pavel A. Zaichko
VIB225 Determination of global damping and stiffness coefficients of journal foil bearing
Eliza Tkacz, Jakub Łagodziński*, Zbigniew Kozanecki
STA39 Coupled system of stochastic neural networks with impulses, Markovian switching, and node and connection delays
Biljana Tojtovska*, Pance Ribarski
STA185 Dynamical study of BEC with external trapping potential under noise
Eren Tosyali*, Fatma AYDOGMUS
MAT297 Mathematical modeling and analysis of dynamic changes in the water distribution system
Agnieszka Trębicka*
BIF377 Chaos and bifurcations in a nonlinear dynamics of chain of the backward-wave tubes: Numerical analysis
Andrey V. Tsudik, Oleg V. Dubrovsky*, Valentin B. Ternovsky, Vasily V. Buyadzhi, Igor I. Bilan
CON50 Passive vibration control of a high-speed elevator system
Angelo M. Tusset*, Marcos Gonçalves, Calequela J. T. Manuel, Jose M. Balthazar, Giane G. Lenzi — special session No. 2
BIF103 Piezoelectric vibration energy harvesting from a portal frame with a shape memory alloy
Angelo M. Tusset*, Dim Pires, Giane G. Lenzi, Itamar Iliuk, Rodrigo T. Rocha, Jose M. Balthazar — special session No. 2
ASY326 Estimation of the amplitudes of parametric oscillations of a hemispherical solid-wave gyroscope
Pavel Udalov*, Ivan Popov, Alexei Lukin
MAT144 The influence of the load modeling methods on dynamics of a mobile crane
Andrzej Urbaś*, Krzysztof Augustynek, Vasyl Martsenyuk
NON323 A new method to determine periodic solutions in discontinuous systems with application to mass on moving belt
PREMCHAND V P*, Balaram Bipin, Kuriakose Ajith Mani, Sajith A S, Narayanan M D
OPT324 Design of a vibration absorber system for tremor reduction in Parkinson patients using a Cluster Based Algorithm
PREMCHAND V P*, Balaram Bipin, Kuriakose Ajith Mani, Sajith A S, Narayanan M D
CON308 Strategies for amplitude control in a ring of self-excited oscillators
Vinod V.*, Bipin Balaram
LIF140 Bifurcations in inertial focusing of particles in curved ducts
Rahil Valani*, Brendan Harding, Yvonne Stokes
VIB240 Dynamics of Rotating Cylindrical Shell Subjected to Pressure Loading
P. Naga Vishnu*, Biswajit Bharat, K. R. Jayaprakash
MAT243 Benefits of Observer/Kalman filter identification in system realization with low amount of samples
Gustavo Wagner*, Rubens Sampaio, Roberta Lima
MAT9 On Longitudinal Oscillations in a Hoisting Cable with Time-varying Length subject to a Nonclassical Boundary Condition
Jing Wang*, Wim T. van Horssen
STA10 Nonlinear dynamics of multi-stable systems
Jerzy Warminski* — keynote speech
NUM126 Application to of Hilbert transforms moments analysis of vibration signals
Aleksandra Waszczuk-Młyńska*, Stanisław Radkowski, Jędrzej Mączak
LIF347 Interaction of mucin with glycosaminoglycans in water environment
Piotr Weber*, Piotr Bełdowski, Adam Gadomski, Krzysztof Domino, Damian Ledziński
MAT37 Some Comments on Nonlinear Aeroelastic Typical Section
Michelle Fernandino Westin*, Roberto Gil Annes da Silva, José Manoel Balthazar — special session No. 2
CON201 Manipulator-aircraft dynamical system dedicated for wind tunnel testing
James F. Whidborne*, Elżbieta Jarzębowska, Varul Agarwal, Ademayowa Afiz Ishola — special session No. 2
VIB127 Numerical calculations of target strength for large scale BETTSI models
Jerzy Wiciak*, Roman Trojanowski, Karol Listewnik
STA157 Anisotropic friction sliding rule influence on the mechanical systems dynamics
Adam Wijata*, Bartosz Stańczyk, Jan Awrejcewicz
MAT328 Estimation of resonance frequencies for systems with contact using line-ar dynamics methods
Maciej Wnuk*, Artur Iluk
MTR173 Hydraulic levelling control system technology of bricklaying robot
Piotr Woś*, Ryszard Dindorf
MAT291 Development of a cardiovascular mathematical model considering the thermal environment
ZHOUZHENG XIA*, Yusuke Ishikawa, Shigehiko Kaneko, Jin Kusaka
MAT316 Mathematical Modelling of an extended Swinging Atwood Machine
Godiya Yakubu*, Paweł Olejnik, Jan Awrejcewicz
VIB88 Non-planar motions due to nonlinear interactions between unstable oscillatory modes in a cantilevered pipe conveying fluid
Kiyotaka Yamashita*, Koki Kitaura, Naoto Nishiyama, Hiroshi Yabuno
CON54 Experimental Research on Active Vibration Control of Elastic Plate and Damage Degradation of Actuator
Ke Ye*
MTR83 Maze exergame applied to IoT-based tiny aerobic equipment
Chien-Hsien Yeh*, Shen-Hung Lin — special session No. 3
BIF142 Dynamic-Based Micro and Nano Devices and Phenomena
Mohammad Younis* — keynote speech
ENG272 Influence of fractional order parameter on the dynamics of different vibrating systems
Azhar Ali Zafar*, Jan Awrejcewicz — special session No. 1
LIF204 Correlation of Biomechanic Performace Measures with Acceleration and Deceleration in Human Overground Running
Liliána Zajcsuk*, Ambrus Zelei
CON237 Experimental Evaluation of an Underactuated Inverse Dynamics Control Approach based on the Method of Lagrange-Multipliers
Roland Reginald Zana*, Amrbus Zelei
ENG38 Reducing amplitude of nonlinear vibration of rotors induced by imbalance forces and the disc collisions using magnetically sensitive fluids
Jaroslav Zapomel*, Petr Ferfecki, Jan Kozánek — special session No. 2
ASY342 Nonlinear dynamics of a micromechanical wave solid-state gyroscope with a disk resonator under parametric excitation of oscillations
Ekaterina Zavorotneva*, Alexei Lukin
EXP282 Experimental study of a tuned liquid column damper with liquid turbine
Tianyu Zhou*, Hao Ding — special session No. 6
VIB381 Dynamics of Continuous Systems: From Time-Varying, Nonlinear, and Flexible Multibody Systems to Phononic Structures
Weidong Zhu* — keynote speech
MAT4 Method of inversion of Laplace transform in some problems of dynamic elasticity
Zinaida Zhuravlova*
NON133 Оn Transformations of Closed Invariant Curves in Piecewise-Smooth Maps
Zhanybai Zhusubaliyev*, Viktor Avrutin, Frank Bastian — special session No. 5
ASY66 An approach to the modeling and simulation of multi-layered and multi-stimulable material for application in soft robots
Klaus Zimmermann, Igor Zeidis, Simon Gast*
BIF11 Experiments of Shells With Non-Newtonian Fluid Interaction
Antonio Zippo*, Francesco Pellicano, Giovanni Iarriccio — special session No. 4
MAT178 Development of a mathematical model for the functioning of a river port discharge point
Ruslana Ziubina*
MAT312 Dynamics of an Economic Growth Model with New Stylized Facts
Ádám János Zsiros*, Zsombor Ligeti*
ASY24 Energy exchanges in a nonlinear meta-cell
Camila da Silveira Zanin*, Alireza Ture Savadkoohi, Sébastien Baguet, Régis Dufour
BIF33 Track-bridge interaction effect on the train-bridge resonance of railway viaducts
tahiri mohamed* — special session No. 4
BIF16 Stabilization of Period Doubling Bifurcations and Chaos of Field Oriented Control of PermanentMagnet Synchronous Motor
wahid souhail*, Hedi Khammari, Mohamed Faouzi Mimouni
MAT113 Non-smooth models of wheel-road interactions based on piecewise-linear luz(…) and tar(…) projections
Dariusz Żardecki*
NON64 Modeling and simulation of friction processes with applications of piecewise-linear luz(…) and tar(…) projections
Dariusz Żardecki*, Andrzej Dębowski