The following experts have already agreed to give keynote speeches at DSTA 2019.

Due to absence of two experts caused by important circumstances, two lectures are posted on the website (click a link below to download):

Lecture by Professor Elias C. Aifantis
Lecture by Professor Albert C.J. Luo

Title of the speech: "Continuum & statistical aspects of gradient theory"

  • Elias C. Aifantis

    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)
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    Elias C. Aifantis is an Emeritus Professor of Mechanics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki/GR and Michigan Technological University/USA; formerly a Distinguished Research Professor at King Abdulaziz University/SA, Distinguished Visiting Expert at ITMO University/RU and Southwest Jiaotong University/China, as well as an Invited Director at Togliatti State University/RU. He has promoted highly interdisciplinary work in mechanics of materials by bringing into the field of solid mechanics ideas from diffusion theory, chemical reactions, and nonlinear physics. He has pioneered theories on dislocation patterning and material instabilities, gradient elasticity and plasticity, chemomechanics and nanomechanics. His current interest is on neuro-nano-electro-chemo-mechanics. He has published over 339 articles and received about 11,704 citations with 54 h-index (Scopus); 10,832 citations with 53 h-index (Web of Science); 17,860 citations with 66 h-index (Google Scholar). He is included in the ISI Web of knowledge list of the world's most highly cited authors in engineering.

Title of the speech: "New trends for the motion of a rigid body and dynamical systems"

  • Tarek Amer

    Department of Mathematics, Tanta University (Egypt)
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    Professor Amer received his PhD in Applied Mathematics (Theoretical Mechanics) from Tanta University (Egypt) and Magdeburg University (Germany) in 2001. Amer is a full Professor of Applied Mathematics (Theoretical Mechanics) in Egypt. His research interest is in Analytical mechanics, Gyro motion, Vibrational mechanics, Stability of dynamical systems and Bifurcations. His research has focused on two main topics. The first one is the rotational motion of a rigid body about a fixed point. He utilizes perturbation methods to obtain the asymptotic solutions of the governing system of motion. The used method allowed him to have insight investigation of the impact of system parameters on the system stability. The vibrational motion of rigid bodies and dynamical systems with multi-degrees of freedom had shed the interest of Amer. Currently, Amer is a reviewer for many international scientific journals and has a group of good researchers.

Title of the speech: "Synchronization of complex interaction networks of reaction-diffusion systems. Application in neuroscience"

  • M. Aziz Alaoui

    Applied Mathematics Laboratory (LMAH), Le Havre Normandie University (France)
  • M.A. Aziz-Alaoui photography.

    Full professor at the University of Le Havre Normandie, Director of Applied Mathematics Laboratory of Le Havre (LMAH), Head of the Dynamical Systems and bio-mathematics team, co-founder and co-Head of the ISCN (Complex Systems Institute of Normandie). Co-Editor-in-Chief of the international journal JNSA, associated Editor, past or ongoing, for 6 journals, including IJBC.

    Prof. Aziz Aloui's original area of expertise is the theory of dynamical systems, chaos theory and bifurcations. It has gradually evolved, from the asymptotic analysis of ordinary differential equations (stability, bifurcations, chaos and strange attractors) with applications to electric oscillators, to that of Delay-DE and PDE (from the dynamical system point of view), with applications to life science, and then to complex systems and networks interaction (mainly, the study of coupled systems of ODEs or PDEs, modeling problems in neuroscience, in ecosystems - predator-prey or in epidemiology).

Title of the speech: "Data-driven nonlinear dynamics"

  • Balakumar Balachandran

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland (USA)
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    Dr. Balachandran received his B. Tech (Naval Architecture) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India, M.S. (Aerospace Engineering) from Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA and Ph.D. (Engineering Mechanics) from Virginia Tech. Currently, he is a Minta Martin Professor of Engineering at the University of Maryland, where he has been since 1993. His research interests include nonlinear phenomena, dynamics and vibrations, and control. The publications that he has authored/co-authored include a Wiley textbook entitled "Applied Nonlinear Dynamics: Analytical, Computational, and Experimental Methods" (1995, 2006), a third edition of a textbook entitled "Vibrations" (2019) by Cambridge University Press, and a co-edited Springer book entitled “Delay Differential Equations: Recent Advances and New Directions” (2009). He is a Contributing Editor of the International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics and the Editor of the ASME Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics. He is a Fellow of ASME and AIAA.

Title of the speech: "Optimum first failure load design of one/two-core sandwich plates under blast loads, and their ultimate loads"

  • Romesh C. Batra

    Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics, Virginia Tech (USA)
  • Romesh C. Batra photography.

    Romesh C. Batra, Clifton C. Garvin Professor at Virginia Tech has made seminal contributions to mechanics. These include the modified and symmetric smoothed particle hydrodynamics (MSPH and SSPH) basis functions, adaptive analysis of shear bands in strain-gradient dependent heat-conducting thermoelastoviscoplastic solids, impact/penetration problems, analysis of functionally graded materials/structures, indentation of nonlinear elastic roll-covers, meshless methods for nonlinear multi-physics problems, deduction of continuum structure properties from molecular mechanics/dynamics simulations, and consideration of the Casimir force in micro-electro-mechanical systems. Batra's work, published in> 430 refereed journal articles, has been widely recognized by his peers through> 13,100 citations on Scopus with H = 59, and the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Award (1992), the 2016 ASME Robert Henry Thurston Lecture Award, a 2015 ASME Honorary Membership Award, the 2009 Engineering Science Medal.

Title of the speech: "Analytical periodic motions to chaos in nonlinear dynamical systems"

  • Albert C.J. Luo

    Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Southern Illinois University (USA)
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    Prof. Luo has worked at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. For over 30 years, his contributions on nonlinear dynamical systems and mechanics lie in (i) The local singularity theory for discontinuous dynamical systems, (ii) Dynamical systems synchronization, (iii) Analytical solutions of periodic and chaotic motions in nonlinear dynamical systems, (iv) The theory for stochastic and resonant layer in nonlinear Hamiltonian systems, (v) The full nonlinear theory for a deformable body. Such contributions have been scattered into 19 monographs and over 300 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers. Dr. Luo served editors for the Journal “Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical simulation”, book series on Nonlinear Physical Science (HEP) and Nonlinear Systems and Complexity (Springer). He is the editorial member for two journals (IMeCh E Part K Journal of Multibody Dynamics and Journal of Vibration and Control). He also organized over 30 international symposiums and conferences on Dynamics and Control.

Title of the speech: "Nonlinear normal vibration modes and associated problems"

  • Yuri V. Mikhlin

    Applied Mathematics Department, National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute" (Ukraine)
  • Yuri V. Mikhlin photography.

    Prof. Mikhlin's is an expert in the field of Nonlinear Dynamics and Applied Mathematics. His research focuses mainly on: Theory of nonlinear normal vibration modes; Stability of nonlinear vibrations; Applications of nonlinear dynamics. Y. Mikhlin is a member of Editorial Boards of: Nonlinear Dynamics, Int. J. of Non-Linear Mechanics, J. of Mechanical Engineering Science. He was the Organizer and Chair of Mini-Symposia at the 9th ENOC, 8th ENOC, 7th ENOC and 6th ENOC; Organizer and Chairman of the Sci. Committee of Int. Conferences on Nonlinear Dynamics at the National Technical University, Kharkov, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2004; Member of Scientific Committees of numerous Int. Conferences; Visitor at universities in Austria, Brasil, France, Israel, Italy, Poland, Serbia, UK, USA etc. He authored over 130 papers published in refereed journals, over 130 communications to scientific meetings and 7 books.

Title of the speech: "Unpredictability in physical systems: Basin entropy and Wada basins"

  • Miguel A.F. Sanjuán

    Department of Physics, King Juan Carlos University (Spain)
  • Miguel A.F. Sanjuán photography.

    Professor of Physics at the Rey Juan Carlos University. He is the Head of the Research Group in Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Complex Systems. Member of the Editorial Board of several international journals. He has imparted numerous invited lectures in Spain, Europe, USA, Canada, China, Japan, India, Australia, Latin America and Africa. Visiting Research Associate at the University of Tokyo, at the Beijing Jiaotong University, and at the University of Maryland, where he has been Fulbright Visiting Research Scholar. He is an advisory member of the Australian Research Council. He is Honorary Professor of Sichuan University of Science and Technology (Zigong, China), and Honorary Professor of Huaqiao University (Xiamen, China). Corresponding Academician of the Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences, Foreign Member of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, and Member of the Academia Europaea - The Academy of Europe.